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windows 7 installation failed ..keep reboot

I finally manage to install windows 7 after wasting a few hour to configure the "windows can't complete installation cause of keep rebooting" upon installation. My system is AMD64 Athlon with 1.5 GB Memory.

Firstly I try to install windows 7 64bit. My installation process can't complete. It's keep booting after installation in the final stage.Then I try several time... I reset my bios... delete partition and still no luck. Then I try windows 7 32bit, just to test whether it's 64bit problem.. The result is still same.. keep booting after installation at the final stage.

Then I try check step by step.. here is my solution
1. Press F8 to pull up advanced boot menu
2. Select Enable low-resolution video (640×480)
3. proceed the installation process...

you need to do this untill you windows 7 installation is complete and you can login into your windows.

after login, you need to update your VGA drive for the higher resolution.

This error is cause by windows 7 use high resolution as a default.


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