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getting an unwanted sub menu item in wordpress when using add_submenu_page

We are currently doing project in wordpress environment. In that project, we deal with customization administration menu which it bring us to seek for menu creation using add_menu_page and add_submenu_page function.

here is properties for that functions

add_menu_page(page_title, menu_title, access_level/capability, file, [function], [icon_url]);
add_submenu_page(parent, page_title, menu_title, access_level/capability, file, [function]); basename(__FILE__)

by the way. when we create submenu using add_submenu_page function, we had unwanted sub menu item appear in the first submenu. this submenu is same as main menu like this..

Menu Tile
-Menu Title
-Sub Menu Title 1
-Sub Menu Title 2

we don't want Menu Title appear as a submenu. After googling, I found that other people also got a same problem. I do a research and debugging and finally I got the solution.

add_menu_page('Menu Title', 'Menu Title', 10, 'main_menu', 'sub_menu_1_callback');
add_submenu_page('main_menu', 'Sub Menu Title 1', 'Sub Menu Title 1', 10, 'main_menu' , 'sub_menu_1_callback');
add_submenu_page('main_menu', 'Sub Menu Title 2', 'Sub Menu Title 2', 10, 'sub_menu' , 'sub_menu_2_callback');

It's pretty simple.. just to make sure the first submenu file name is same as their parent file name. In my case, look at first add_submenu_page function file name, main_menu . I put same name as add_menu_page function file name.

Download Wordpress Submenu Sample Plugin


Andrew Traub said...

How do you add menus and submenus where the functions for the submenus are seperated into seperate files, for example filea.php and function_a, fileb.php and function_b, etc?

ibnuyahya said...

Hi Andrew
you can use include() function to get use function in filea.php and fileb.php.

for example

include('filea.php'); in you parent page. ( where you put add menu function.

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