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Installing ubuntu on Virtual PC 2007

How to install ubuntu on Virtual PC 2007.

Step 1
After you install Virtual PC 2007, open it and start your ubuntu virtual file.

If you want to change virtual PC settings, just click on Settings button and you will find some configuration for your virtual PC like a hardisk space, memory and etc.

Step 2
After you start your ubuntu virtual file, go to CD->Use physical drive if you want to install it from your cd rom or CD->Capture ISO Image if you want to install directly from ISO file.

Step 3
Reboot your Virtual PC by Right Alt + R or go to Action->Reset menu.Wait untill your Virtual PC boot from your CDRom/ISO.

Step 4
Here you go. Installing ubuntu on Virtual PC 2007 will start from here. Select your prefered language and press Enter to continue.

Step 5
press F6 and enter vga=771 noreplace-paravirt at the end of the line. Press Enter to continue.

Step 6
Choose your language and press Enter to continue and then choose country.

Step 7
Installer will ask your keyboard layout. From this screen, you need to follow screen instruction

Step 8
Enter your host name, this is your ubuntu computer name. can be your name and Enter to continue and follow your screen instruction.

Step 9
Partitioning disk. select Guided - Select Entire Disk and press Enter to continue. Please bare in mind, this partitioning disk is virtually partitioning and do not effect your physical disk. So don't be scared... your data will not be deleted.

Step 10
Even tho this screen mentioned that your data will be erased, don't be scared. ;) it happen virtually only. But if you Install ubuntu into real PC, you must take a consideration.

Step 11
Select Yes and press Enter.

Step 12
Setup user account and username.

Step 13
Choose whether you want to encrypt your private directory or not

Step 14
Configuring package manager. Just press Enter key to continue.

Step 15
Configure update setting

Step 16
Since we're installing ubuntu server, we need to choose software to install in that server. I'm choosing mail server for this Enter to continue.Just a few step ahead for Installing ubuntu on Virtual PC 2007.

Step 17
Taraaaa! almost done.

but not really done. There are a few step after installation finish. Fix ubuntu screen on Virtual PC 2007


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